Preparing for Accidents

by Adam on June 23, 2013

Statistically, a majority of drivers will either experience a car accident first-hand or will witness an accident at some time in their lives. Taking the right insurance steps before a potential car accident will furnish drivers with a high degree of protection against serious claims or lawsuits, as well as providing peace of mind in stressful situations.

Accidents happen every day and it’s imperitive that you have insurance. One cheap provider is 1st central insurance.

Being in a car accident is an overwhelming experience, and many drivers fail to take the steps necessary to uphold a valid car accident insurance claim. Drivers may also find themselves doing or saying the wrong things during a roadside incident, which may damage the integrity of their claim and hinder their right to compensation for injuries or vehicle damage.


Car accident dos

Evaluating and documenting any injuries quickly is important when it comes to insurance claims or lawsuits, so see a doctor right away. If the accident was serious, this evaluation will probably occur in hospital.

File a police report when involved in an accident, regardless of whether or not the other driver wishes one to be filed. Most insurance companies give preference to motor vehicle accident filings that include a police report. They look at claims without a report as being relatively minor, even if they were in reality quite serious.

Hire the right lawyer as soon as possible, preferably before leaving the accident scene itself. Many lawyers who specialise in car accidents like to be on the scene as quickly as possible, taking pictures, speaking to witnesses and collecting evidence to help ensure a positive outcome for their client.

Car accident don’ts

Some insurance companies may attempt to obtain a statement about the accident by asking leading questions and secretly recording the answers given. When they call, it is easiest and best to refer the insurance company to your chosen lawyer. Also, do not accept any money, or promises of such, from an insurance company without first consulting with a lawyer. Insurance companies want the problem to go away and may make monetary offers to prevent lawsuits being filed against them.

Medically, continue to follow all directions from the doctor until he or she officially ends treatment. Exhibiting negligence by not going to doctor’s appointments, or not taking medications, or refusing treatments and procedures, may all have a negative effect on the success of a claim or suit. Also, many types of injuries may have vague symptoms and little visual indications, making some ailments such as whiplash claims difficult to prove without a documented and consistent record of treatment.

Protecting your finances

The best way to protect finances from being drained by car accident claims or lawsuits is to have car insurance that you understand.

The potential costs of a car accident can be significant and some insurance policies may provide inadequate coverage, leaving personal finances and assets at huge risk in legal proceedings.

In addition to the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle itself, a good insurance policy can cover belongings and valuables inside the vehicle, along with medical costs, negligence claims and potential loss of earnings.

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