The Freedom and Liberty of a Saver

by Adam on September 1, 2010

A lot of personal finance is about cutting back, doing without -you know – saving.

But the real magic comes through the freedom that saving affords you.

A saver never says:

“I can’t afford that” or “I’ll never be able to do that

Instead a saver thinks:

“How am I going to going to get there” or “Let’s do it …because I can”.

Growing your pennies isn’t all about filling your bank balance.

It’s more than that.

It’s about having respect for your own life; dreams; and hopes.

It’s about making sure you priortise where you want to go rather than waiting for your circumstances to change on their own.

Saving also means you have the freedom to do more fun things too.

In fact I’m off to meet the lovely lady of liberty herself as I travel across the pond to New York City for my first ever visit to America! If you’re in NYC say hello!

Why are you saving?

What do you want to do with the freedom that growing your pennies affords?

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Sigh. Right now my meager savings are keeping me from becoming homeless while my husband experiences a severe shortage of work. In the future I want to travel.

I hope you’re having a wonderful time in America!


Thanks IMTWP, sorry to hear about your current position.
The thing about monetary position is that it can be so temporary. That’s why its so important to save in the good times. Severe shortage of work can come at any time for anyone. But so can unexpected profits so good luck 🙂

My first trip to America was great thanks!


Saving significantly brings freedom from all financial worries and liberty to enjoy life without the prior thoughts of the cost. Its gives us a wider opportunity over uncertain circumstances and proves to take the most convenient life ahead.

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