You’ll Be Amazed How Much You Can Save! Saving Money on Everyday Purchases

by Adam on January 31, 2017

autumn statementEverybody likes to save money when they can, but some people really like to save money – and not just when they can, but at every single opportunity. After all, if you work hard for your money why would you spend it without first checking if there’s a chance that you could, well…not spend it?

Fortunately for those who want to ensure their money goes as far as possible, there are many ways you can keep your monthly expenses down to a minimum. After a few months of following our advice, you’ll be amazed at how much more money you have in the bank. Money saving ahoy!


Share Your Accommodation

This might be better suited for people who want to raise a large amount of money in a short period of time rather than a long term solution (but you never know!), but if you have space in the place you currently occupy, then why not consider getting a roommate? If you live in an area that is anyway desirable, you’ll find plenty of people will to save money by moving in with someone else. You don’t even need to have a spare room – you can always offer a living arrangement elsewhere in your home or where you share your bedroom. If it is your bedroom, you’ll have halved your monthly rent – bit money, hey? (If it’s a sofabed you’re offering, you’ll have to offer a reduced rate of course.)

window shoppingUtilize Discount Codes

There are always savings to be had, if you know where to look. To begin, checking the deals in your local stores should be your first port of call: do not be loyal to a brand when another is offering better savings. You can also scour newspapers for coupons in your area and sites such as for when you’re doing online shopping. Using coupons is a double win, too – you save money and get the satisfaction of knowing you’re saving money for an item other people are paying full price for!

Fix Your Broken Belongings

When things are damaged, people tend to almost instantly throw it away and look at buying a replacement. It’s just our culture. However, it doesn’t have to be your culture. Back in the day, people wouldn’t throw damaged goods away – they’d fix it, and so can you. Whether it’s your favorite pair of jeans, home appliances, or even electrical goods, most things that are considered “broken” actually just need a bit of tender loving care.

buying investments onlineBuy Second Hand

If you positively have to buy something you don’t already own, don’t buy it new – go second hand. Whatever you’re looking for you’ll be able to find a high quality, pre-owned version of it. In fact, one of the best ways to save money on electrical goods is to buy refurbished models. These are models that have been used before, but have been professional restored so that they work and look like new. An easy way to get a great product and save money!

Wave Goodbye to Cable

With a whole host of home entertainment now available, it makes little sense to keep spending a big chunk of your monthly wage on cable. It’s expensive, there are adverts, and you might not even be home often enough to really make the most of it. Unless you really can’t live without it, make the snip and save yourself some cash.

Don't Have The MoneyUse Your Hands

Nobody in our society seems to use their hands anymore, but it’s an easy way to save money every single day. For instance, hand washing your clothes saves on the cost of running a washing machine and hand washing your dishes saves on a dishwasher. You can dry both of these, either by your hand (the dishes) or by hanging them up outside (the clothes), and you’ll have spent virtually nothing. The cost of running electrical appliances is more expensive than you might think, so it’s a no brainer. Additionally, you should think about using your hands to grow your own vegetables – they’ll be fresher, tastier, and cheaper than whatever you can get in the supermarket!


You don’t have to head out to the local bar for a fun night. Grab your friends and invite them round to your place for a night of games and chit-chat. The cost of a taxi, drinks, tipping, fancy new clothes, and all the other expenses of going out can be put straight into your savings account – and you’ll still have had a fun night with friends!

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