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by Adam on February 1, 2017


money making ideasThe notion of pinching pennies has become a phenomenon. It is as if our generation knows the pitfalls of a sudden economic crash and is doing their very best to ensure they have enough tucked away for that rainy day. The problem is, how do you successfully save money without becoming a complete hermit who wastes their life? It’s hard, but it is possible. Read on and we’ll explain how.

Price comparison

There are so many sites out there that offer price comparison on pretty much everything; car insurance, house insurance, utility bills, gadgets, books, vehicles, anything you can possibly think of. Just go and check out moneysupermarket or uswitch and you can find out how much you could be saving in a matter of minutes.


Why not shop around for codes and promotions. We are always reading stories about a mum who manages to feed a family of six on £1.50 a day, or a bloke who did his entire christmas shopping (including the lunch) on nothing but vouchers. If you don’t know where to look, then just head over to pluscodepromo who have offers on pretty much everything from pretty much everywhere.

Should I open a Junior ISALoose Change

Put your loose change in a jar, or a piggy bank, or a pint glass. It doesn’t really matter which, so long as you start doing so. The reason why is simple; you’ll be totally gobsmacked at the fact one jar full of coppers and silvers can be worth £50 in one of those coin converter things you see at the back of supermarkets.

The Shop

Don’t go the local Tesco everyday to get dinner for tonight. Don’t go to Subway everyday to get lunch. Do a weekly shop or, if you have space for it, do a monthly shop. It is a solid routine to get into and one that will save you a serious amount of money. We can assure you that.

Cook In Bulk

It is as simple as that. Whatever you are cooking, make a ton of it and then freeze it. Take it to work with you (instead of going to Subway for lunch everyday). Eat with different sides. Reheat it when you get home late. It will save you money and it will save you time.

No More Gym

You don’t really need the gym to get fit. All you need is a Youtube and some self discipline and you could be saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds a year. It’s all about being savvy.

Eating Out

Yes, you can still eat out and save money. It is all about where you eat out. Some of the best places we’ve ever visited are the cheapest and that is because they require you to bring your own bottle and just charge a small corking fee. That means what would have been a £20 bottle of wine (the first on the list) is now a £5 of Glenn’s vodka, which will really do the trick. Amazing.


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