You Vs Debt

by Adam on September 20, 2011

Growing your wealth and learning to invest in the stock market is one of the most empowering things you can do.

It makes you feel like you have more control over your future and the world seems more full of possibility when you have a little bit of capital locked away for a rainy day (or a really sunny day in the future!)

However, when I’m screaming to my friends that they should be investing one of the most common questions is:

Where do you get your money from?

Whilst I am by no means ‘rich’ since I graduated from university I’ve always been diligent to put some money aside, even if it was just a few pounds at first. I knew that the process and habit of regular saving was much more important than how much I was saving, at least at first.

But for many 20 somethings, it’s hard enough to get to the end of the month, let alone putting money aside for another day. For many, going into debt is a natural progression as we transition into our adult lives.

Adam Baker from You Vs Debt

Introducing Man Vs Debt

I haven’t really talked much about debt on Magical Penny -without meaning to sound smug, I just simply haven’t had much experience of debt (other than UK student loans). But I do know from other people’s accounts that debt can have a devastating effect on people’s lives. And perhaps no one knows more about the power of eliminating debt from their lives than my friend, Adam Baker.

Baker is an all-round awesome guy who blogs at Man Vs Debt -where he chronicled his journey from huge amounts of debt to a life of financial freedom and adventure: selling everything he owned and travelling the world with his wife and young daughter, all whilst running an online business. He know what debt can do to people and he knows how to help others get out debt too. I’ve been following his adventures for close to two years and even got to meet him in person during his tour of America earlier this year. He’s a class act.


So I’m really excited to share his story with Magical Penny readers and introduce you to his awesome new course:

You Vs Debt

You Vs. Debt is a comprehensive 6 week, daily video course and accountability community that is launching on 19th September. All the information is on his site but fair to say, I’ve seen some of the videos he’s put together and it’s powerful stuff.

It’s one mission:

Empowering you to passionately take back control of your financial life.

If you’re struggling with debt or just want to feel more control of your money then You Vs Debt is genuinely an excellent programme to explore.


And I can’t wait to have you back here at Magical Penny when you’re done because once you’ve paid off your debt, it’s on to the fun bit -growing your pennies!


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Kevin kentt

Hey Adam Nice Blog.Thank you for the valuable review.Will surely follow it.
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Thanks dude for stopping by 🙂


I love the Man Vs. Debt story. And I love the approach that being debt-free isn’t about living a boring life and constantly saying “no” to your kids – but about living debt free while still enjoying life and traveling with his family. Thanks for sharing it here.


It’s a pleasure, Susie -I’m glad I could spread the word.

I like how something that could be used as an excuse (kids), has been repositioned into some empowering.

I also appreciated your comment as I got to learn about your fun site! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by

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