Being Green: Top Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

by Adam on June 12, 2013

No matter where you are living in the UK, the constant air of responsibility will always rein you back in when you’re tempted to be frivolous. Once you fly the nest and set up home on your own, you’re faced with what feels like non-stop bills and while many of these are unavoidable, utility bills can be easily slashed.

In a world that is serious about being green, the best way in which you can save money on your energy bill is by reducing your energy consumption. Whether you’re at home, or in an office, there are plenty of ways in which you can lower your usage and, with energy efficiency from British Gas, you can get plenty of pointers along the way. Here are some fabulous tips for when you’re at home, without spending a penny:

Turn the thermostat down

Lowering it by one degree can be hugely beneficial to your energy bill and, with the summer months here, there should be no reason for your central heating to be on anyway! Every degree that you lower your thermostat by saves you £65 a year on your heating and helps the environment. Your British Gas bill will look better straightaway!

Be aware of what’s switched on

If it doesn’t need to be switched on, turn it off. It’s easy to forget to turn a light off when you’re not in the room, or leave the phone charger plugged in even when it’s not in use but, if you think on, make sure they’re all off. The same can’t be said for your Sky box etc., because it needs to be switched on at the mains to register your programmes, but there’s no excuse for everything else. Turning things off at the mains can save an average home up to £90 a year on the electricity bill – that’s big bucks!

Don’t overfill your kettle

if you’re making a brew, fill it with the water you need. Filling it with more than that will use up more energy and cost you more cash.

Wash at 30

It makes no difference to the majority of washes and will save on energy and cash.

Dry outdoors

Obviously, with our unpredictable weather, it’s not always possible, but if it’s dry outside, hang your washing out rather than using the tumble dryer – no matter how convenient the appliance is.

See? You can make a massive positive impact on your pocket and the environment without having to consider home improvements. Adopt these few simple tips and you could see a change for the better in no time. 

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