Tax Advice To Save Your Magical Pennies | Introducing Tax On Tax Off

by Adam on December 30, 2011

I’ve found reading personal finance blogs a brilliant way to learn about the best ways to save and invest. But, apart from saving tax-efficiently in ISAs I didn’t really know much about tax strategies until recently.

After talking with a new friend we decided to team up to launch a new website for 2012 on the subject of tax:

Introducing: Tax On Tax Off.

The site will help you understand tax issues, particularly if you’re based in the United States. Filing taxes might not be the most fun thing you can do, but there are lots of opportunities to save money and ensure you are not paying too much tax (or too little).

We launch in the new year and we’d love for you to follow along, ask us your tax questions and we look forward to helping you rock your finances when it comes to tax.

And, oh yes, it will be FUN too.

Put in your name and email and start learning about how to save your money from the Tax Man:


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