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by Adam on March 21, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Three New Things

Three New Things is all about ideas that will change the world in a big way through digital innovation

The exciting new news is that the 3 new things were finally announced at the ‘Three New Things‘ at the Virgin Media Business event last week.

There were many ideas submitted but the top 3 ideas competing for the grand prize were:

  • Solar charging hubs for the developing world
  • 3D Printable plastic satellites
  • 3D Printed made to measure shoes

These ideas came from a search to unearth ideas and projects that have not yet gained much attention and give them a platform to propel them to success and make the world a better place.

And the winner was…

3D Printed made to measure shoes!

The company who has developed this idea is Three Over Seven.  By using your mobile phone to scan your feet, and making the most of 3D printing, this technology creates shoes that are an exact fit for your unique feet. Of course this technology is not super-new but the way it has come together to allow everyone to benefit from something as personal as perfectly measured shoes is what makes this such an exciting idea.

Expert judges picked the final 3 but it was the public vote that awarded Three Over Seven with the winner’s prize.

However, the other two finalists are worth learning about too.

Solar charging hubs have the potential to revolutionise the developing world, allowing those who live in areas without access to an electricity grid. The company Buffalo Grid is doing this to promote mobile phone use, and thus earn revenue. But the impact it could have is much more than just increased mobile phone use, and that’s what makes this idea so exciting.

The other idea in the final is Printable plastic satellites. These structures by CubeSat are the casings for satellites that can be printed whilst in space, significantly cutting down on the cost of launching multiple satellites. It’s an innovative idea that demonstrates how one piece of technology such as 3D printing can be applied to other areas like in the final frontier of space.

Living in the future is exciting isn’t it?!


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