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by Adam on March 12, 2014


If you want to grow your pennies, then learning about saving your money and investing is critical.

But how about changing the world in a big way?

One way to have a huge impact in the world is through digital innovation.

Think about it.

How many times have you used Facebook to communicate with friends and organise get togethers?

How about the hours you’ve spent on Youtube learning about things or simply bringing a smile to your face on a miserable day?

Digital innovations are changing the world at a huge pace.

Tens of thousands of products are made possible thanks to Kickstarter. And tens of millions of people can easily publish their thoughts using blogger platforms like WordPress.

Digital innovations are happening every day, making the world a better place and transforming how we live our lives.

What will the next big ideas become?

Back in January Virgin Media Business launched their Three New Things campaign to find new digital innovations and bring them into the spotlight. And today is a big day because out of all the ideas already chosen, 3 of them will be offered an amazing opportunity to be taken onwards into development.

The judging is happening at a big event in London hosted by Virgin Media Business who believe that Britain is driving global digital innovation and wants new digital innovations to have an opportunity to be showcased on a larger scale. They are looking for three digital innovations that have the potential to transform lives and do the world some good.

Feeling Inspired?

If all this has fired you up with ideas and inspiration you can send any question over to the Virgin Media Business twitter account, @vmbusiness, and tell them what you’d like to know about Three New Things using the hashtag #3NewThings. You can also visit the brand on Facebook and visit their official site for more information and terms and conditions about this project.

Will you dream up the next digital innovation?


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