Life, Holidays And Decisions: Where Will Your Journey End?

by Adam on May 30, 2017

Isn’t is great being a child with no decisions to make? The things our parents do for us, whether we’re brought up in a single parent family, adopted, or cared for by grandparents. We’re fed, watered, everything bought for us, a roof over our head and even someone to scrub our back!

Then we grow up and have to start making decisions, and that’s where things start to become a challenge.  What career choice should we make and how do we get there? College, then University – and how many years does that take? Then… Education complete… Where’s that perfect job we’ve been dreaming of?   


We finally settle down into working life; then there are relationships, not forgetting the heart-wrenching break-ups we conquer until we meet the right one.  

Then, to buy or rent; near family or go alone? Near work or daily commute? Let’s face it, not too many of us want to be too close to work; otherwise it’s always in the back of our mind.

hawaii conscious spendingHolidays

Holidays are what we look forward to. We save all year (maybe more) to take ourselves off into the distance. And we all deserve to have that much-needed break from the daily grind in our lives, to breathe and appreciate the little things.

Choosing where to go is a big decision as we don’t want to spend our hard earned money, then realize we made the wrong decision.  There are many beautiful locations that are not too far away to get to whether that be by car or public transport. But if we want guaranteed heat, then going abroad is a good option.  


So many decisions to make and only we can make them, another hassle added to us alongside the stresses of daily life. Holiday then over far too soon and what do we all say? “Should we sell up and move abroad?” Come on, we all do it. That holiday life is what we dream of. – Sunny days bring smiling faces, and the odd glass of wine overlooking fantastic scenery is not something we are going to refuse. 

Maybe there’s just too much to give up though, friends, family and work commitments are the main reason we stay. There’s always the option of a holiday home. You choose your perfect destination then scout around for properties through agents such as waterfront homes for sale.  

There’s also the added income you could gain from renting out when you’re not there. There are many agents who can support you, and it can all be done using the internet. How exciting to know that your place is always there when you need a little retreat. It gives us time to reflect on life and start thinking about the next life decisions we have to make.  

So imagine lying on your sun-lounger, blue skies from dawn til dusk, a fruity cocktail in a tall glass, ice clinking on the sides, thinking about that next important decision… when shall we come back?

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