5 Reasons to Blog -Magical Penny Launch

by Adam on February 1, 2010

When I first started reading about investing it all seemed rather complicated. 3 years later I’m a little clearer! So I decided to blog about it (See my About page).

But there’s more to it than that.

During ‘Pre-launch’ I showed a few friends and colleagues this site and told a few about my plans for it. The comments I got back both surprised me and strengthened my resolve.

“I see you’re into the stock market…our own Gordon Gekko”

When most people think about the stock market they think of shouting brokers and fat-cat bankers, then promptly get on with their real life. Magical Penny will show not only how you should invest but why you really should be in the market, harnessing the value created by people working for businesses across the world.

“What’s the best loan rate I can get for 2k?”

This guy saw that the subject of the blog was ‘money’ so immediately thought I would know about the best way he could finance a car. Too often it is only immediate ‘needs’ that motivate people to think about their finances, rather than looking at the big picture of their financial health. Magical Penny will prompt you to look into your own life to make meaningful changes in the way you think, and therefore act, with your pennies.

“What do you get out of it?”

This comment surprised me the most, perhaps because I think the benefits of blogging are so obvious, at least for me. Here are 5 reasons:

Helping people

Knowing that you are working on something with implications beyond yourself is a very powerful feeling. The internet has democratised communication, allowing ‘ordinary’ people to broadcast like never before, cultivate a following of thousands, and impact lives. Do you not want to add your voice to the global communication revolution?

Personal development

Helping others is all well and good but blogging helps the writer just as much! Although this blog is new, it is not my first blog so I know that writing for a readership changes your perception of the world. You begin ‘framing’ your experiences in the context of how you would report it later, and you begin thinking more clearly and in a more structured way. Writing about ideas and experiences codifies your thoughts and encourages you to keep learning and growing.

A fun and creative outlet

There is so much to learn about blogging and you can be creative in how you connect with a readership. It’s also a rich medium to write in, as hyperlinks allow you to connect your thoughts to other subjects and voices.

A sense of community

These other voices are often other bloggers who have similar interests but different perspectives. The social aspect of blogging is one of the most compelling reasons to join the fun, either through your own blog or in the comments.


Do you ever wonder what your grandchildren will see when they use the Google micro-chip in their brains to find out about you? I do. This blog is part of the plan. What about you?

Finally with all of these reasons for blogging it was easier to dismiss the below comment from an early viewer of the site:

“Adam, you’ll never get a girlfriend with a site like that”

Perhaps another goal for the blog?

I invite you to join me on this journey and leave a comment telling me what you hope to get out of the site. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to update this page if any progress is made on that last goal!

I am proud to be launching Magical Penny. Expect regular updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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If you are a UK based site. Why do you not own the .co.uk domain?


@Sam You’re welcome -thanks for stopping by.

@PoP -Hi and welcome! I chose a ‘.com’ as it’s shorter and more accessable; after all, the world is a small place and I have hopes that in time, my international readership will be higher than my UK readership.
In addition, I did not buy a .co.uk as I have little value for it and it would double my domain costs. What’s your perspective?

J. Money

It’s def. a great community we’ve got here! That’s one of my favorite aspects of blogging actually. At first it was more fun & a hobby for me, then I wanted to hold myself accountable more, then to help OTHERS hold themselves accountable more, and now it’s a mix up of all of them 🙂

Welcome aboard!

Dustin | Engaged Marriage

Great post and I love the logo, Adam! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!


You certainly hit on my 5 key reasons for why i started writing. Best of luck to you and don’t be a stranger!


Looking forward to reading more. I already like your style.

Marko Piplica

Adam, May your wealth increase. Good luck.


@J Money. Thanks for stopping by for the launch. You’re a big inspiration and I especially appreciated the emails and the tweet.
@Dustin. Your compliment on the logo is particularly pleasing as I designed the site myself with little prior experience: I just had a weirdly strong image in my head that I wanted to recreate. Cheers.
@Brian and @Jacki. Thanks for the kind words. I like how we had the same things in mind when we started! Incidentally I heard you Brian on a podcast somewhere (consumerism commentary?) so it’s a bit surreal to be connecting with some of the ‘PF greats’ here on my new blog on my 1st post. Long may it continue.
@Dad. You found it! As always, I’m grateful for your support.


I love ALL of your reasons for blogging. I’m hoping my google-micro-chiped grandkids will have learned the power of compound interest way before I did!

BTW -That simple exchange between you and your Dad, that alone makes me interested in what you have to say and any advice you may have:)


Wow SahmCFO, thanks for your kind comment. I’m pleased to have you here. Looking over your blog you certainly have a full life! Good luck and thanks for reading – I’m sure this won’t be the last time you add your voice to the discussion, which is great.

the professor

Congrats on your launch, you have a good layout, and i can’t wait for your upcoming content, I really am interested in what to do in the market. I recently launched my site as well, thanks for the twitter add. Keep writing good quality work and you may turn a hobby into some coin. maybe a “penny”. haha
Take care.


Thanks Professor. I’m really looking forward to moving onto investing too. However I feel that the first few weeks I need to lay some groundwork to make sure that I don’t take anyone on an investing journey before they are ready themselves. I’ll definitely be checking out your site too so good luck.

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