How to get by on a low income

by Adam on January 8, 2014

When on a low income there can be periods between pay checks or benefits payments where things can be very tough, this can be compounded if a financial emergency arises. In many cases those on a low income are very astute at managing their money. When a person or family has a limited income they are generally very mindful on how they spend their money.


Regardless of how well a person’s money management skills may be, there is always room for improvement and tactics that can be used to further improve their financial situation. Below is a list of resource for financial assistance along with practical and proven tips on how to control money and get ahead.



As mentioned before, low income earners are generally very mindful of their daily, weekly or monthly budget as they monitor every dollar closely. That being said, seeing the ins and outs of your spending can help identify areas of improvement.



One way to stay out of debt is to establish an emergency savings fund. This doesn’t have to be elaborate and whilst you may think you don’t have any extra cash to start, here are some tips on what you can do – find any areas of savings in your budget and then put that cash into a your savings account, sell unwanted items, if you are employed as for overtime, pick up some side work if possible.

By having a savings account, this can help pay for unexpected expenses. This in turn helps you avoid going into debt to through applying for a loan which will end up costing you even more when you add in the costs for getting a loan (fees & interest).


Shopping smart

It might sound tacky, but using coupons is a great way to save extra money. Also, purchasing store brand generic items versus other expensive known brands. Utilising big sales is also another great way to stretch the dollar; end of year sales, Christmas sales, etc…


The Government

Are you aware of all of the different types of government assistance that is available. There are loads of programs and grants that are available, even loans for people collecting benefits. Visit the site to see what may be available to you.


Community Initiatives

Visit your local charities or community centres to see what type of services or initiatives they have in place to help low income earners. You may be surprised on the amount of discounts and financial assistance they may be able to provide.


The above is just a small example of how a person or family can improve their financial situation. Using a combination of these tips and resources can provide some great financial gains for those who are looking to get ahead.


Do you have any other tips to share? Leave a comment below.











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