Do you know the cost difference between living in a house versus a houseboat?

by Adam on April 5, 2016

Buying a house is often the most expensive purchase you will make in your life. And even if you rent, living in a house has fixed costs to consider.

The average 2 bed house in the UK will set you back around £190,000, with a monthly payment of £780. And that’s not all. It is estimated that spending 1% of the house’s value on maintenance per year will ensure it keeps its value. Add to that the costs of utilities and insurance and your budget is squeezed further. Whether you rent or own your house, one considerable cost of living in a house is council tax. The national average council tax bill currently sits at £1300 per year.

All those costs, and you’re stuck in the same place!

Have you ever considered a more alternative lifestyle of living on a houseboat at a boat moorings instead? Certainly a house boat will not increase in value like a house tends to do, but the costs involved provide some food for thought!

The real magic is working out what really matters to you in life, and what is worth spending your magical pennies on. Is a house-boat life for you?

Thanks to BWML for providing this infographic:

Boat vs House

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