Heading to Bali

by Adam on May 9, 2012

When I tell people I write a personal finance blog, most think I’m going to be preaching NOT to spend money.

Yes, I started Magical Penny to spread the message of saving for tomorrow rather than spending today, but that’s not to say I’m all about hoarding my pennies.

In fact, I’ve been spending quite a bit, especially over the last couple of years.

And so in this spirit I’m making the announcement that I’m heading to Bali, Indonesia!

More specifically I’m attending the first ever One Life Retreat after receiving an invitation from the organisers. It’s very different to anything I’ve done and not exactly cheap but I can’t wait.

This might seem a little indulgent (and it is) but I have to thank Tom and Nick, the organisers, for making it possible for me to go.

We only have ONE LIFE, and it’s easier to take advantage of opportunities when you have a plan for your pennies.

Personal finance is all about finding the balance between saving and spending; balancing our future self’s prosperity with our present self’s current experiences.

I can’t wait, and see you on the other side!



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And Finally

My friend Mike has A Summer To Serve. Consider helping him out and following along for the adventure!


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