Compare Prices to Shave More Off the Cost of Purchases

by Adam on May 9, 2012

The world is in a state of constant flux. It’s perhaps most notable when it comes to the price of the things you need to buy every year.

Naturally, when looking to maximise the amount of money that stays in your wallet, it makes sense to look around for the best deal possible. Price comparison sites have made it easier than ever to gain an understanding of the cost of some of the more popular and pricy purchases we typically have to make like allowing you to compare car insurance and house insurance.

Price comparison websites, however, can only go so far. Take note of these strategies to shave even more off the cost of purchases you need to make:


Asking for a discount can be embarrassing for some but if you don’t ask you might not get. Try starting off with a low offer, perhaps around 60% of what you are hoping to end up paying and see if there is any flexibility in the price.

Use your new knowledge 

Once you have a good price from one company (through a price comparison site or in person), use the price point as a benchmark and continue to shop around. Often companies are so keen for your business they will price-match or throw in something extra as an incentive to win you as a customer. Just make sure you get a reference number or an agreement in place so you can go back to the original company if shopping around does not work out.

Sell yourself

Are your circumstances different to the norm? When searching for insurance in particular it can be beneficial to think of how you can sell yourself as a customer – if you have an advance motoring certificate or several years of no-claims you can sometimes get better rates.

Know when to stop

Sometimes the extra effort isn’t worth the discount or price saving. Remember to value your time and sanity. That said, spending a few minutes searching for the best deal can work out to be a very profitable use of time when done wisely, and  can save you more of your hard-earned pennies, month in, month out.

Good luck.


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