The Alternative Investments

by Adam on March 20, 2017


investingWhen you think about the word investment you may think that you need a huge amount of money to see a decent return.  Whilst it is often true that the more you invest in something, the better the return will be, you don’t have to work your money too hard to see a better rate of interest than the average savings account gives you.  Of course your money tends to be safe guarded when it is in a bank, however providing you are investing your cash into tangible assets, you might find a way of making a little extra money and bagging yourself more profit than you could have dreamed of.

Classic cars made a huge impact on the alternative investment scene…

…with traders sourcing from across the globe and better access for shipping in and out of the country.  Whilst there are a whole host of tax laws you need to get your head around, investing some of your savings in a future classic could be a really great way to see a better return.  Cars such as the BMW Z3 are super low in value now and you are able to pick one up for under $1000.  These are set to start rising in value as they are icons of their era.  The Mazda MX-5 is another 2 seater cabrio set to make a rise over the next five years.  Investing in future classics like this could give you a little bit of retro car fun for a couple of years and then see you set to double your initial investment as prices go up.

The antique market is a little harder to crack…

…as there are so many programs on TV which have made us all far more aware of the value of our grandparents heirlooms.  However there are still some great bargains to be found.  From antique barometers to larger pieces of french furniture, down to small ceramics or items of jewellery.  Keep you eyes peeled at garage sales or head out to some auctions and then squirrel them away for a decade and see how you have done.

Wine is an area the rich and famous have been investing in for a while…

…unfortunately not to drink, however those with a little more capital have been buying two crates, drinking one and storing the other.  There are companies such as Woolfsung who can help you learn a little more about wine, future trends, popular years and how to spot a future investment.  What a way to get saving!

Art has been a great investment for a number of years…

…but you do need to have an eye for up and coming artists.  Get looking around your local galleries and start talking to regular faces, you might pick up a few good tips.  Just be careful though, buy things you like and you will ensure you are never disappointed.

You don’t always need to think traditional when it comes to investments.  Research some of the new financial investments and, if you can afford it, it’s OK to take a little chance on something fun!


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