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by Adam on December 3, 2012

Everyone likes finding a bargain or a special deal, especially as we approach Christmas when typically household spending goes up.

Whilst there are many sites on the internet that highlight deals and special offers on the high-street, they can be difficult to take advantage of when you’re out and about doing your shopping. The shops with the deals may be too far away or the offer may have expired before you get there. And browsing deal sites can be dangerous as you may be tempted to over-spend as you are presented with deal after deal.

However, there is a solution that only shows your relevant deals based on your location. It’s called Priority Moments . This service has only been around for roughly a year and is available to customers of O2, one of the largest mobile networks in the UK.

In short, Priority Moments is a location based mobile service that alerts you to exclusive deals on the high street.

O2 customers can download the app to access Priority Moments through their phones or text Moments to 2020 to register.

Relevant Deals

Perhaps unusual for a money-focused website, Magical Penny doesn’t usually feature many articles about shopping deals, mainly because irrelevant deals can be more of a distraction than a genuine way to save money. But one thing I’ve enjoyed about Priority Moments is how fresh and relevant the deals are. Business owners can quickly create relevant offers to drive footfall into their stores, and the customer is rewarded with something relevant for them. For example, cafes have run cold-drink promotions on sunny days (yes there were some sunny days in the UK this summer!), but if (or rather when) the weather turned wet and cold, an alert for discounted hot chocolate might come up instead.

A deal is only a deal if what you are buying is actually useful and relevant to you, and Priority Moments’, with it’s time and location sensitive targetting, provides a source of deals that are much more likely to be worth your time and money than what can be found on generic deal sites.

Arts and Crafts at Christmas

There’s a wide range of businesses on Priority Moments, but one that stuck out for me is Fred Aldous, particularly in the run up to Christmas. An art, craft and design shop in Manchester, it has the tag line “You can make anything!” and looking around on the website, I believe them. I’m tempted to visit the shop for Christmas ideas as handmade gifts are both money-saving and well-received by the recipient – it shows you have put a bit of time and thought into the present. The store used Priority Moments recently and is a good case study for how using the service is win-win for both local businesses and consumers.

As part of the Loving Local series from the Guardian, in association with O2, this is a short video about Fred Aldous. It looks at their marketing strategy and use of Priority Moments.

I’m sure Priority Moments will come in useful for Christmas shopping and help save some of those magical pennies.

Sponsored by O2 and The Guardian

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