Packing it in

by Adam on July 19, 2010

Do you wish you could just pack it in?

Today over lunch two friends and work colleagues were talking about packing it all in.

By ‘packing it all in’ I don’t mean leaving the office early- they fantasised about quitting their jobs, heading to South America, and working bar jobs in paradise.

It didn’t really surprise me to hear about exotic fantasies of tropical freedom on a dreary Monday lunchtime in the UK but it did make me think: How many people would really want to run away from their current life and start afresh?

And of those that would, are they in a financial position to do so?

I know that for my friends, this fantasy was exactly that, a fleeting dream they would unlikely realise. But the option is there if you want it.

What are you saving for?

Growing your pennies isn’t just about accumulating as much as you can in a retirement account for when you’re gray.

Growing your pennies is about preparing yourself for living any life you wish to lead. And yes, that can include heading to South America, working bar jobs and never coming back.

It might be an extreme example but I’m sure it’s getting some of you excited. If you wanted it badly enough, then that life could be yours.

As with most things…

It’s all about attitude

And I’ve been writing a lot of about attitude recently, like how to avoid burn out and when it’s OK to act crazy with money. It’s because growing your pennies really is mostly about attitude.

I joked with a friend that I was going to grow Magical Penny by writing endless re-hashes of ‘spend less than you earn’ ad nauseam. And I’m sure I could because its a good message! But it’s worthless if you don’t have the right attitude to actually live the mantra.

Whilst you might not know the specifics of investing, or how to start saving your pennies, this kind of ‘tactical’ knowledge is easily learnt (particularly here on Magical Penny!).

However, positive attitudes towards growing your pennies need regular cultivation and thought.

There’s the saying that your biggest enemy is the person in the mirror. They can hold you back. But they can also spur you on to do great things.

If you’re going to successfully grow your pennies, spend some time asking the person in the mirror what their “why” is and let that thought be in your mind as you go about your daily life.

If you master the ‘why‘ then there’s no stopping you. And if packing it all in and heading off to South America is your ‘why’ then you’ll be enjoying Mojitos on the beach soon enough.

Thanks to my friends for the inspiration for today’s post as well the discovery of an amazing blog: Exile Life -it’s little different to Magical Penny and worth a read (Thx J$ @budgetsaresexy)

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If I had more in savings…..

I read about the cost of living in other countries and daydream often. Perhaps one day I may do something like that. For now I’m stuck at my dreary job making my meager wage and dreaming.


Good luck in finding what you’re looking for, and thanks for stopping by here. I hope I’ve helped in some small way to keep you focused on making those dreams become something more.

And I hope Chloe keeps getting better too 🙂


Aww, thank you!

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