How Electric Cars are Overcoming Hurdles to Be Good Value for Money

by Adam on December 11, 2017

drivingRecent statistics show that motorists are beginning to make the switch from petrol and diesel to Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles, but this has only recently started to occur and electric vehicles have been somewhat of a rarity on roads up until this point. The Government’s clean air plans certainly play a role in this, but it is also because electric vehicles are just beginning to overcome a number of hurdles that have stopped people from switching before.


According to OVO, the main reason why people have been hesitant to make the switch is the lack of charging points. Whilst it is true that previously this has been an issue, the survey from OVO revealed that people underestimated just how many charging points there are. On average, it was thought that there were only 2,812 charging points but there are actually well over 13,000. Additionally, the number is rapidly rising each month and it is thought that they will outnumber petrol stations by 2020.

Battery Life

Battery life has been another issue that manufacturers have overcome. The technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, and now these vehicles can travel much further on a single charge. The range is around 90 miles for a smaller battery, and all the way up to 335 on a large one. Additionally, the increasing number of charging points makes this less of an issue.


Cost is the final issue that has stood in the way. These vehicles can be very expensive to buy, but there are many new models on the market which are more affordable. The most affordable is around £14,000, but it is worth keeping in mind that motorists can benefit from a grant of up to £4,000 for making the switch.


Electric automobiles will prove to be good value for money in the near future too. You will pay around quarter of the price per mile, which will see motorists make huge savings on running costs. In addition to this, motorists will benefit from having no road tax and no congestion charges if you drive in the capital. This means you can quickly recoup the costs spent on the vehicle and save a vast amount over the years.

Electric vehicles have had to overcome a number of hurdles in recent years, but it seems that they are now beginning to do so and motorists are starting to make the switch. This electric car revolution will help motorists to save money, but it will also help to save the planet.

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