Escalating Costs in Britain…but a Big Mac has only gone up 2p in a decade

by Adam on July 4, 2014

Have you noticed your household bills escalating?

Magical Penny has readers across the world but there’s a sizeable readership in the UK. Naturally I’m not surprised, as I’m British myself.

If you’re living in Britain I’m sure you’ll find this infographic of interest. It details how the cost of living has changed in the UK over the last decade.

The good news is that a Big Mac is only 2p more than a decade ago.


rising costs

Source: Vouchercloud

Those take-home points again:


  • Taking your date to the cinema in 2004 was £1.38 cheaper than it is today.
  • A Big Mac today costs only 2p more than it did in 2003.
  • Assuming you drink the average 144 pints of milk per year, you spend £7.20 less now than you did in 2003.
  • The recommended limit of three units of alcohol per day equates to £1524 a year, in current pub prices.
  • Going to University today costs over 6 times more than it did in 2003.
  • The journey between Leicester Square and Covent Garden takes only 20 seconds but costs £4.30 today.
  • Those who bought their house in 2007 could have saved nearly £50k in they had waited 2 years to buy.
  • Those earning minimum wage were £665 better off in 2009 than they were two years later in 2011.
  • 2011 saw the second lowest average salary over the last decade.
  • A 35 mile commute to work today, over the course of a year, is £411 more than you paid in 2003.
  • Keeping your lights on and your devices powered costs over £200 more today, than in 2003.
  • The price you pay today would pay the gas bill for two houses back in 2003.


Inflation-adjusted figures are super-insightful aren’t they?


What do you think? Are there any other costs that have escalated for you?

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