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Deals on Car InsuranceAleksandr the Meerkat For Prime Minister!

Rather than simply spouting political rhetoric and making promises that can’t be fulfilled, Aleksandr the meerkat puts the power back in your hands allowing you to do your most important work: objectively compare the merits of different meerkats.

  • The NHS? PAH!
  • The economy? SNORE!
  • Taxes? YAWN!

Aleksandr has a pulse on what’s important for everyday UK citizens: cute, furry creatures.

Take Control of Your Finances Too!

Even his rival site: Compare the can have a bigger impact on your finances than the politicians will have –rather than waiting to find out if taxes are going up or coming down, why not be proactive and get cash in your pocket TODAY by finding the best deal on car or home insurance?! Simples!

Are you flushing away pennies on your car insurance?

Compare the Market also helps you find the best home insurance too.

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What’s this site all about anyway?

Welcome to Magical Penny, a personal finance website to help you grow your pennies. Firstly we hope you take advantage of price comparison sites to find the most competitive insurance quote. In 99% of cases, Compare the Market users have found a saving so it’s worth clicking through. You could be quids in!

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