Sharing Financial Success

by Adam on August 8, 2011

Unlike the weather where everyone talks about it but nobody can do anything about it, the subject of money is something people *can* control but rarely talk about.

It’s natural and fun to want to share successes in life -from new relationships and adventures, to the less/more significant news of a new high score on Angry Birds.

But if you start doing well financially: meeting your savings goals, staying within your budget or even increasing your income, then sharing becomes less socially acceptable.

You might be incredibly proud of what you have achieved…

…but to share your achievements too much with others might be considered boasting or vulgar.

The subject of financial success is different to other topics because everyone’s experiences are different.

  • Some people work a lot harder than others for the same income.
  • Some people earn vastly more and less than others.
  • Money is more important to some than others.

Personally I think it’s a shame people do not share more, but I understand how to talk of money can change the dynamic of a conversation or a relationship.

That said, I strongly believe sharing is empowering

…and after working really hard to achieve financial goals you should have an opportunity to share your success with others:

  • To receive encouragement;
  • To share in your achievement;
  • To inspire those working towards their own financial goals.

Even if you only share anonymously, take a minute to leave a comment below telling everyone about the financial goals you are either working towards or have accomplished and the ones that you are most proud of.

Here’s to enjoying the journey to financial success and everything that it enables beyond it.

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Lisa Clark

It is always amazing how much information some bloggers give about their financal situation. Anonymity is empowering. The British still live under the old and tired adage of “don’t talk about religion, death or finances”.

Lisa Clark

Oh and this year I have become debt free and have so far saved £1,500 in an ISA , £1,800 in a regular saving account and have even restarted a share building account. So I am very happy with how my finances are coming along.


Love the woman jumping in the background!!! (aprrox 2mins)

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