Health = Wealth: Saving on Dental Implant Treatment

by Adam on September 21, 2017

Today medical tourism is gaining in popularity in countries that are new and old members of the EU, and becoming more popular amongst international patients, who seek affordable treatment abroad, as they cannot afford it in their home country or face long waits for treatment.

Romania, one of the most visited, welcomes international patients and offers excellent medical care, as well as offering lots to see and to do.

Bucharest, Romania

As you might expect the price of medical procedures is one of the biggest benefits.

According to a report from DentalimplantsFriends a foreign patient would pay only 512 Euros for a single dental implant done in a Romanian dental clinic (source: cheap dental implants abroad). Even with the cost of travel and accommodation, international patients would save up to 80% on their dental bills.

travellerMore than that, Romania is an ideal place to relax and recover after medical procedures.

Everybody can find something for his or herself there: the fresh air of the amazing countryside, amazing city breaks and exciting historical or cultural attractions.

The number of perfectly equipped dental centres has been growing over the last few years in the country.

Foreign patients who consider undergoing their dental implant treatment in Romania can be sure that the high quality materials come from well-known manufacturers and the most modern equipment will be used in the restorative procedures. Romanian dentists are known as not only highly skilled professionals, but also as dentists and oral surgeons who will listen to their patients and understand their needs and desires.  Romanian dentists and oral surgeons are highly professional in all kinds of dental procedures, and are considered to be the top specialists in the EU.

healthcareRomanian dental clinics, that are experienced in the treatment of international patients, also care about the patients comfort and overall satisfaction before and during their stay in the country.

In most cases international patients will be offered not only an individualised treatment plan, but all kinds of support as well. You might expect to receive assistance with hotel and flight booking, airport transfers or with filling your free time. Leading Romanian dental clinics usually have a partnership with local companies offering water rafting, cultural trips, dining in luxury restaurants, relaxing in wellness centres, spas or thermal springs and more.

If you would like to maintain your dental health for a fraction of the western European price, then Romania is the only way to go.

Up-to-date dentistry, excellent quality to price ratio, professional dentists and oral surgeons, perfectly equipped dental clinics,  an amazing and relaxing environment – all of this makes Romania the choice of thousands of international patients from Germany, Scandinavia, the UK, Italy or France.

If you are health conscious, remember to quit your bad habits (if you have them that is) and improve your health.

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