Where Will You Be Ten Years from Today?

by Adam on July 2, 2010

It’s funny how, over time, things change and yet stay the same.

Last night I went back to my high school for its 10th annual music festival. I was an honorary guest as one of the student founders of the festival back in 2001.

It was a wonderful night showcasing the musical talent of the next generation. And being back at school for an evening was really fun.

Naturally, I spent a lot of time comparing what the school is like now with when I was there:

The new facilities; the old curtains.

The new staging lights; the same old corridors.

And whilst it may sound a bit rich coming from a still fresh-faced 24 year old, I felt old!

Time really does fly by.


Setting up that first festival in 2001 was certainly nerve wracking for us, a group of inexperienced 15 year olds, but, with Mrs Kilburn’s vision and infectious enthusiasm, we got there and the night was a success (although admittedly not as good as the festivals that followed)!

We had been scared something would go wrong, or that we’d have trouble getting everyone in the younger years involved.

But it worked, and 9 festivals later it’s a regular fixture in the school calendar. Every year-group after us has memories of the annual musical event. It’s Mrs Kilburn’s lasting legacy and gift to the school.

But that’s the funny thing about legacy –you never really know at the time what’s going to stick. Nor do you mk know if your contribution and preparation today will grow into something beyond yourself in the future. Certainly back in 2001, when Mrs Kilburn first dreamed up the idea of a school musical night she never would have thought it would still be around today for its 10th Festival!

How About You?

When I started this blog back in February 2010, a few of my friends thought it was funny I was going to be evangelising about compounding returns, about saving for retirement and planning for a time well into the future.

But like building a legacy, growing your pennies takes time, and you never really know the true effect of your efforts today on tomorrow.

The one thing you can control however, is what you do today. Over time things are certain to change, and some things will stay the same. But if you take action today, and maybe try something scary, then who knows? In 10 years time you might be singing your own song of success.

Good luck!

(And happy 4th July weekend American readers!)

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